Wedding Party

Amanda Burns

Co-maid of Honor

Amanda, my younger sister, should be the one asking her big sis for advice, but more often I find myself going to her. She’s an infinite source of wisdom and balances my ‘jump first, ask questions later’ tendencies with her thoughtful approach. On top of that, she is simply one of the kindest and funniest people I know. Make sure to ask her about our trip to Italy and how I bombed every photo op with a hand gesture later dubbed “the claw.”

Alexa Burns

Co-Maid of Honor

Alexa, my youngest sister, is a tiny, five foot two firecracker. The girl came out belting ‘I Feel Good’ and has had me ear-to-ear cheesing ever since. One of my favorite memories with Lex is helping her pack everything she owned into a 60L backpack for her 11 month trip around the world. Little did I know, what I learned about ultralight backpacking would come in handy when I convinced Matt to take me to the top of Mount Shasta four years later. Make sure to ask her about meeting Matt for the first time in San Francisco.

Grace Krafte


Grace and I met eight years ago working at Fleishman-Hillard and bonded over baby goat videos and our secret emoji language. Press fast forward and three years later she moved to the Bay Area where we became yoga buddies, ramen addicts and amateur hiking enthusiasts - even venturing so far as to traverse one of the top 10 most dangerous hikes in the world (while I was 12 weeks pregnant!). Make sure to ask her about the goat yoga class we signed up for.

Shan Morrow

Best Man

My older brother, Shan, has been showing me how it's done for 34 years. There was this 13 year period where we lived in different parts of the country, but we never went too long before seeing each other again. Five years ago, I moved out to San Francisco where he was already living. In true younger brother fashion, I'll never admit that my moving had anything to do with him. Being close for the last five years has been full of so many changes, where I've gotten to see his engagement, wedding, first home purchase, and two kids.

Andrew Ross


Ross usually has a face adorned by mustache or large beard, but every time I see him it's a surprise! He moved to California immediately after college and I didn't realize how much I missed him until I moved out here (reunited and it feels so good!). Ross is always up for a good time and we've had some real good trips domestically and abroad--from failed hikes up Mt. Whitney to topping out on Alpamayo. Make sure to ask Ross about the first time he met Dani when we all drove to Napa.

Mike Beck

Groomsman & Officiant

Mike is faster than me and and a better climber, but what I lack in speed and fearlessness, I make up for in stubborness and hardheadedness. In the end, I can hang just fine. Mike is a man to be trusted and I've spent a lot of time with this guy since I first met him in Boston during the summer of 2003. Since then, we've been teammates, college roommates, hiking partners, post-college roommates, scuba diving buddy, climbing partner, sky diving partner, and all around best friends.At some point during the wedding, you will see him on his phone closing a deal. Make sure to ask Mike how the international gypsum markets are trending.

Jim Ladio


Jim may have been THE most excited person for me to move to San Francisco and I was pretty pumped that he was around. Not only is he the whole reason that Dani and I met, but he's the most excitable person I know. For the last five years, I feel like Jim has been my personal California and free spirit tour guide. If there is an obscure local secret or emerging micro-brand making small batch kombucha, he knows about it and he's going to share it. Make sure to ask Jim about our Thanksgiving road trip to Baja and back.
Robin Ott